Monday, 28 February 2011

3D Holographic Projections

Being a kid in the 70's I was a big fan of the Star Wars trilogy. Boys all wished to have R2-D2 and to have the ability to make holographic images (Princess Leia was definitely a good starting image). A really poor little image being projected out of R2-D2 was still very cool.

Well, I am still not be able to get my R2-D2, but the holographic possibilities have just become amazing. I first saw a couple of sample holograms from Musion just after Christmas with two musicians. One was on stage and the other was playing at some different location but being projected using their Eyeliner system to look like he was on stage as well. It was quite impressive. They also have a product that called EyeSay that has been deployed at the Manchester airport as a virtual assistant for travellers. I thought these samples were already amazing but then I saw the video that the Black Eyed Peas put together using the Eyeliner system. That takes it to a crazy level! The Black Eyed Peas have already been experimenting with some pretty cool 360 degree video technology. They could not find a system that would do what they wanted so they went and created their own 360 degree video system. Now they are incorporating holographic images in their performance. Watch the whole video through but for the impatient types, you will not want to miss the 4:00 mark. 4:15 shows you what you have really been watching. At the risk of repeating myself...very cool.

I want one, Dan

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